TV power divider

Coaxial splitters up to 30 kW . Basic type 3xDIN 7/16 , 470-860MHz , 2 kW.
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Power divider for connection of UHF  antenna systems.  2-way and multi-way versions . Unequal power division according customer specification . Maximal power according chosen design up to about 40 kW .
Production from 1 pc.

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Electrical Properties  2 way  and  multi-way 
Frequency Band [MHz] 470-860
VSWR  1.1
insertion loss  <0.1 dB 
division   -3 dB                 
maximal average power 2kW 
input connector  DIN 7/16
output connector   2xDIN 7/16 for 2- way
center conductor silvered brass