UDA 7.4.50

DAB broadcasting dipole 2kW , G 4dBi
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DAB vertical single dipole for  174-230 MHz band. Antena designed for  digital DAB radio broadcasting. Dipol is tuned to whole band . If prefered  can be optimized in choosed channel on request. Fabricated from stainless steel and suitable also for corosive sea areas.

Electrical properties                        UDA 7.4.50                                                
Frequency band  [MHz] 174-230 (240) MHz
VSWR <1.28 whole band  <1.13 in chanel on request 
Gain 4 dBi
Impedance 50
Polarization Vertical
Maximal power   2  kW
Connector  DIN 7/16 

Mechanical properties   
radiator material  stainless steel
Height /depth  [ mm ] 650 / 450
Weight 6 kg
Max. wind speed 230 km/h
Winload 0.07 m2