UDA 7.9.50

DAB broadcasting double dipole unit 5kW , G 9dBi
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DAB vertical antenna unit for 174-240 MHz band. Especially suitable for assembly of 4 units per bay.  Four units  installed at 90° direction form nice omni diagram. Stainless steel radiators ensure good corrosion resistance and long year durability even in sea areas. Reflector is done  from steel with hot dip zinc treatment standardly. Possible to fabricate from stainless steel on request too. Designed for modern digital radio broadcasting .

Electrical properties                        UDA 7.9.50                                                
Frequency band  [MHz] 174-230 (240) MHz
VSWR <1.15  (1.2)
Gain 10 dBi
Impedance 50
Polarization Vertical              
Maximal power  2  kW ... DIN 7/16
5  kW ... EIA 7/8
Connector DIN 7/16  ,  EIA 7/8" 

Mechanical properties  
Radiator material  stainless steel
Reflector material   steel/hot dip zinc
Height/width/depth [ mm ] 1300 / 1300 /400 
Weight  39 kg
Max. wind speed 240 km/h
Winload 520/700 N