UF 660.50 , 660.60

Stainless steel Vertical and hor. unit 2.5kW for AS with 2 antennas on the bay
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Perfect solution for  smaller radio towers .  Most often choice of private radio broadcasters .  Usually installed 2 or 4 units vertically and 1 or 2 units on the bay according needed coverage.  Made from stainless steel to ensure long time  service. Good SWR in whole FM radio band. Recomend to use our jumper cables and power divider for antenna array systems . 


Electrical Properties UF660.50  , UF660.60
Frequency Band [MHz] 87.5 – 108 MHz
VSWR <1.15
Gain 5 dBi
Impedance 50
Polarization vertical               horizontal
Maximal power [W] 2.5
Connector 7/16"

Mechanical Properties  
Dipole material stainless steel
Reflector material hot dip galvanized steel
height/width/ [ mm ] 1760 / 740
Weight 18 kg
Max. wind speed 220 km/h
Winload 0,5 / 0,25 mxm