UF 693.50 FM Radio Antenna

Vertical FM broadcasting antenna unit 5 kW EIA 7/8 for 3 side tower instalations
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Broadcasting robust FM antenna unit .
Vertically polarized  instalations are realized with 3 side towers while horizontally polarized instalations with  4 side towers.

Designed for higher power antenna systems and suitable for instalations in mountains with high wind and frost .   
Higher weight demands adequately dimensioned broadcasting  towers.
Standardly radiators are fabricated from stainless steel and reflector from Fe with hot dip zinc coating. For sea highly corosive areas both dipoles and reflector are done from AISI 316L stainles steel. 
Impedance matching is good in whole FM band.
We insure also preparation of complete antenna system. 

Electrical Properties UF693.50
Frequency Band  [MHz] 87,5 – 108 MHz
VSWR <1.15
Gain 9.3 dBi
Impedance 50
Polarization Vertical
-6dB beam width Hplane/Eplane 112° / 90°
Maximal power [kW] 5
Connector EIA 7/8"

Mechanical Properties  
Material of antenna radome Glass-fibre composite
Material of dipole radiator stainless steel
Material of reflector  hot dip galvanized steel
Height / Width 2400 / 1300
Weight 65 Kg
Winload 0,7 / 0,35 m2
Max. speed of wind 220 km/h