UT 507.6 UHF Omnidirectional Transmitting Antenna

Power omni antenna 1kW , horizontal polarization
Nechte toto pole prázdné


UHF  horizontally polarized antenna  with nice omni diagram and  very good  SWR in whole UHF band.  Perfect choice  for smaller modern DVBT transmitter towers.  Deliver also adapted special versions with downtilt and system with  2 or  4  units  in radome tube of length 2.5m or 4.5 m  if great gain is needed.   4 unit system can bear 10 kW.  Antenna  is based upon  modern solution of crossed dipoles fed through 3dB directional phase bridge. Antenna is ideally installed on top of tower. With additional shielding it is possible to install  also from side of tower.

Electrical Properties UT 507.61  507.62  507.63
Frequency Band [MHz] 470 – 860 MHz
VSWR <1.08
Gain 7 dBi
Impedance 50
Polarization Horizontal
-3dB beam width  Eplane /Hplane 24°
Maximal power [W] 100        500         1000/2500
Connector 7/16DIN ,  N-f

Mechanical Properties  
Material of antenna radome Fibre glass composite
Radome color white, other on demand
height/width/ [ mm ] 1020 / 510
Weight 6 kg
Max. wind speed 200 km/h
Winload 600 N (at 150km/h)